In this maiden voyage episode, join Adam Small and Jake Moses from My Music Masterclass as they discuss their journey, the formation of their music education platform and how this unique podcast can help musicians further their careers. 

What’s The Story?

Adam Small is a professional bassist, TV/film composer, producer, music consultant and industry lecturer with 20+ years of experience in the music business.  In 2012 while rehearsing for a session at SIR in Hollywood, Adam met Jake Moses, a professional guitarist and pianist in the LA music scene.

Adam, with the help of Jake, formed in 2012 out of a small apartment in Silverlake, Los Angeles.  The purpose of the website was to film masterclass videos with the world’s best artists and industry professionals, so that serious musicians could benefit from learning directly from their heroes.  8 years later and My Music Masterclass is still going strong, equipping musicians with the skills necessary to work in today’s ever-changing music climate. But Adam and Jake noticed an unsettling trend in the professional music scene which was rendering extremely capable musicians jobless. This is why the podcast was formed…

What is the purpose of this podcast and how can it benefit musicians?

Why are there so many talented musicians lingering around the outskirts of the scene; those who have superb technical and musical ability but fail to break through? It’s because of the other side of the so-called “musical coin”. One side of the coin contains all of the things learned in the practice room. The other side deals with how to maximize that skill-set and talent in the real world in order to sustain a thriving music career. That’s what this podcast is about!


Professional musician, bassist, composer, founder of My Music Masterclass & sleep-deprived over-achiever.


Professional guitarist, pianist, director of media at My Music Masterclass, coffee snob & social media cynic.

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