The mind is a powerful thing and if you want to take your career to the next level, you’ll need to get your head together!

Do you sound better in the practice room than you do on stage or in the studio? Do you feel anxious about certain musical situations or depressed that you haven’t achieved your desired level of success? Are you jealous of accomplished musicians or angry that you’ve been passed by? There are many reasons artists get “blocked” and you must clear they way if you want to reach your full potential. Join Adam Small and Jake Moses from My Music Masterclass as they discuss the importance of your mental outlook, how to handle adversity in the business and how to get your confidence back.


Professional musician, bassist, composer, founder of My Music Masterclass & sleep-deprived over-achiever.


Professional guitarist, pianist, director of media at My Music Masterclass, coffee snob & social media cynic.

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