Bruce Forman is an acclaimed jazz guitarist, solo artist, producer, arranger and educator (currently in residence at USC’s Studio/Jazz Guitar Department). He is also the co-host of the popular podcast Guitar Wank along with Scott Henderson.

Bruce has filmed 9 videos for My Music Masterclass, he is an excellent teacher and super cool guy! He is also an entrepreneur with some great concepts about how musicians can move the music and their careers forward. This is is really fun and informative episode!


Professional musician, bassist, composer, founder of My Music Masterclass & sleep-deprived over-achiever.


Professional guitarist, pianist, director of media at My Music Masterclass, coffee snob & social media cynic.


Bruce Forman is an acclaimed jazz guitarist with 18 solo records; countless sideman recordings including Ray Brown, Bobby Hutcherson, Roger Kellaway; soundtrack performances on three of Clint Eastwood’s distinguished films—most notably Academy Award-winning Million Dollar Baby; producer, arranger, acclaimed educator, in residence at USC’s Studio/Jazz Guitar Dept., when does Bruce Forman rest?

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